Dating in the USA, UK, and Germany

Dating in the USA, UK, and Germany


Dating in the USA tends to be very casual and people meet in one of these three places: online, a bar, or a social gathering with friends. In America, it’s perfectly normal to ask strangers out on the first day. In addition, first dates are not very serious; you might decide to go to an amusement park or have a cup of coffee together. Interestingly,the venues change from casual to more romantic spots as the number of dates increase. Additionally, the level of commitment is low, especially if you are dating in your early 20s.


Dating is less casual and more serious. In the UK, people generally date a person that they already know, hoping to grow closer. The British are also more into face-to-face bonding than virtual messaging. They believe that in-person conversations are more effective when it comes to romantic pursuits. Therefore, if you are considering dating a British, keep texting and phone call conversations to the minimum. Furthermore, the British prefer to conduct their dates at night and at a restaurant. The British also consider dating as a high commitment endeavor regardless of the age, otherwise, they can always look for escort services.


People are less open to dating strangers. They will take their time to know a person before agreeing to a date. In fact, most people prefer dating within their circle. Also remember that when a German person agrees to meet up alone with you later, that is not a date, but a meeting to get acquainted. In Germany, just like in the UK, when you are seeing someone, those around you automatically assume that you are exclusive – you can’t date two or more people at the same time. Additionally, dating in Germany is a two-way thing, both parties work hard to make the relationship work. Finally, avoid small talk or being overly friendly with your date, they might find you weird and annoying. Germans are straightforward and prefer if you do the same.