6 Rules of Modern Dating

modern dating happy couple

1. How You Behave On Social Media Says A lot About You

Social media has been in existence for more than ten years now, and it’s become part of everybody’s lives. For that reason, you should be careful about how you comment or who you like on social media. If you are in a committed relationship, avoid liking other people’s pictures especially if you know that it will hurt your partner’s feelings. You should also avoid random social media comments that may be misinterpreted by your partner. Therefore, just be careful about how you use your social media.

2. Texting

If you are just getting to know each other, texting during the first few days is fine. However, don’t make it a habit if the relationship becomes serious. Your partner may think that they are not a priority if all you do is text them. So make the effort and call them if you want to communicate with them. Sometimes hearing your voice means more to them than you can imagine. Another texting rule you should follow is being patient – after you send your message, wait for the reply. You can try to remind the recipient with a follow up text or a call, but don’t send a bunch of texts – it’s annoying.

3. Don’t Rush to Make Things Official

In the current era, people don’t want to feel tied down. Many people dread the responsibilities and sacrifices that come with a committed relationship. There is a high probability that if you immediately ask someone you like to be in a relationship with you, they will run for the hills. Therefore, if you are into a person, take your time to know them before asking them to be your girlfriend or boyfriend. There’s no time limit for this, and it depends on the two of you.

4. No One is Perfect

Don’t date someone expecting a lot from them. If you showed enough courage to ask that person out, be ready to accept them for who they are. Take your time to understand your date’s character and interests in life, and for once don’t think about what could have been or has been, be in the moment and enjoy what is already there. Sometimes, the things we look for are right in front of our eyes.

5. Marriage is Not The End Goal

In the past, couples would date for a specified period of time before finally tying the knot. Everyone expected you to get married after being together for so long. However, the rules have changed, nowadays, couples can be in a committed relationship for ten years, and still remain as boyfriend and girlfriend. Some people want marriage, while others want to be in a happy relationship – it’s just the way things are.

6. Roles Are Not Defined By Gender

Just because you are a man, it doesn’t mean you have to pay the bill every time you go out. While some ladies won’t mind, others may be offended by such actions. Therefore, the next time you go to the restaurant, offer to split the bill to avoid nasty confrontations. Additionally, men don’t always have to make the first move if they’re interested in a lady. Dating sites such as Bumble have kept ladies in the driver’s seat – they’re the ones to initiate the conversation and engage the man.