7 Things You Should Never Do When Dating Someone From Another Country

Location Differences

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1. Stereotyping

When you date someone from a different country, you might be tempted to use some stereotypical reference as a way to get closer to them. Although the gesture has good intentions, you should avoid it at all costs since you don’t know how the other person will react. They might smile on the surface, but deep down they resent you.

2. They Are Not A Fetish or Some Sort of Novelty

The biggest mistake you can make when dating a foreigner is treating the experience as some sort of quest. Foreigners are human beings with the same emotions as you, so deal with them in the same way you would deal with someone you know and respect. Just imagine how you would feel if a foreigner treated your brother or sister in the same way – you will be mad even if you have differences with that sibling. So just avoid this kind of behavior.

3. Comparisons

You might think that its cute to tell your foreign partner that they are better than men or ladies from your country, but it’s not. Such comments will make your partner have second thoughts about you because they will see you as being too judgmental.

4. One’s Nationality Shouldn’t Be A Discussion Topic

Unless your love interest is a tour guide, any discussions about their country of origin is off-limits. Even if he or she is a tour guide, there’re better topics that you can talk about. Try to find out more about the person instead of trying to confirm what you’ve heard about people from that country.

5. Don’t Try to Erase Their Culture or Nationality

If you wouldn’t dare to change someone from your country, why should dating a foreigner be any different. Our differences are what make us unique; therefore, don’t try to change your partner by making them feel as if their way of life is inferior or it lacks something. Appreciate what your partner has to offer and try to learn from each other.

6. Don’t Assume Certain Things

Since the person comes from a different culture, some actions or behaviors might offend them. Therefore, make an effort to learn something about them and teach them things about your culture so that you are both on the same page.

7. Family Matters

When dating a foreigner, they will at some point want to meet your family. When that time comes, don’t freak out and think it’s too early or unnecessary since it might offend your partner. Just set the date. Always remember that you come from different cultures, and your priorities are not always the same.